Monday, November 03, 2003

Ideas Don't Matter (?)

In Ideas Don't Matter there are

some disturbing "ideas" by John Link about "art".

He writes:

"Genuine innovation evolves slowly and painfully, without leaving footprints that measure up to commonly accepted standards, and therefore remains invisible to those who embrace the conventional wisdom. It exists to be seen, felt, and absorbed, not ruminated upon. It is tied to materials, not ideas, and looks retro to those who assume (wrongly) that ideas drove the avant-garde when it was still a living force in the evolution of ambitious ." Read the whole article here.

Gee, is that true?
Materials instead of ideas? (Read the quote again)

I don't buy it.

Conventional wisdom is materialistic.

Ideas are invisible...
until they materialize. ideas reality and fundamentalism
has the Motto "the chronicles of an artist in the world"
and has an October 21, 2003 post on "ideas".

The idea - hold on a minute - there
that an "idea" is static
"reality" is always in motion
that the cause of fundamentalism, for example,
is the
mistaking of one's own ideas for reality - all the time.


It is seldom that I am STUNNED by an idea.
But that is the reality.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

The Idea Pundit is devoted to the world of ideas, preferably good ideas. There is an old saying that good ideas are a dime a dozen, which means that just having a good idea is not enough, you have to put the good idea into action. To put ideas into action, you have to have a PLAN of action.

A list of "The Top 10 Best Ideas For Setting Goals" by Hilton Johnson is found at Top Achievement.

The best thing about the list above is that it asks you to WRITE DOWN what you want to achieve.

Many years ago a study was done of an entering college class of about 600 students. Various tests were given, questionaires were answered, family histories were traced, individual motivation was studied, the background of the students was recorded, and so on.

In the course of the study, one of the researchers observed that three students were so certain of their objectives for the future that they had written them down. The had put their goals IN WRITING.

Thirty years later, when this same class was again studied, the researchers made a remarkable discovery. The three students who had written down their goals, who had known what to make of their lives and their ideas, who had put those ideas into practice, were making as much money together (just the three of them) as all of the other remaining 597 students put together.

This was quite remarkable.

Putting your ideas and goals to paper cements these aims in your mind as targets for the future.
You are then more apt to make decisions in your life which are geared to these targets.
The result - many of your ideas may more easily become reality.

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